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Obviously, every situation and every couple are different. However, it is our goal to send you away from your first counseling session with a renewed sense of hope and excitement about the possibilities of a better future together. Many couples see a significant change in just the first four weeks. Others with more extreme situations and complexities are obviously going to require a longer commitment. Remember, the marriage did not decline overnight. Even though it’s possible to see great results in a short amount of time, it’s important for couples to give themselves space and grace to heal, forgive and rebuild.

We see situations all of the time that we know simply cannot be resolved without the use of a compassionate and skilled 3rdparty (counselor/therapist). However, many times couples have already tried counseling with a pastor, therapist or even lay counselors or friends without making any headway. The counselor/counselee relationship has to be a good fit for the specific personalities of the couple and the counselor. As well, not all counselors/therapists are well suited for the complexities of every dynamic the couple’s relationship may be experiencing.  Truth be known, you simply do not always “gel” with your counselor. All that being said, simply because you tried counseling one time before, don’t allow your discouragement to create the mistaken idea that ALL counseling/therapies are not effective. Give your marriage the value it deserves, and keep searching until you find the therapy/counselor that works for you.

Obviously, marriage counseling is more effective when both partners are engaged in the process. However, it is not uncommon that one partner may refuse to come to counseling or be hesitant to engage the process. If this is your situation, the best thing you can do is to go ahead and begin marriage counseling without your significant other. Counseling will still provide many benefits to you and your relationship.  As well, your counselor can work with you to fashion an approach to help encourage the hesitant partner to eventually participate.

Marital affairs crush relationships and leave all kinds of damage in their wake. If your marriage has suffered an extra-marital affair, it does not mean your marriage is hopeless. However, very rarely will a marriage survive an affair without the assistance of a skilled caregiver. Not only can counseling help, it is essential if you want to save your marriage from the devastating effects of marital betrayal.

Our job as your counselor is to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings so you can decide what is best for you. Our entire focus here at New Life is saving and strengthening marriages. We want to help you fight for your marriage not end it. However, there are rare times when a relationship can become so toxic, a brief period of separation may need to be considered to give the relationship an opportunity to be restored. As well, in cases where physical abuse, sexual abuse or overwhelming emotional abuse is present, it is our obligation to help our clients reach a place of safety.

The next step is to schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation by telephone. This consultation will give you an opportunity to share your story with us and to learn how the process will work in your specific situation. We will answer any questions you have, and schedule your first appointment at this time. To schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation click here .

Obviously, every marital situation is different in scope and complexity. Results will be as varied as the problems that will be addressed, as well as, the unique personalities involved. However, in a general sense, couples that are faithful to the counseling process, and “do the work”, can experience:

  • Restored Hope and Excitement for the Future as a Couple
  • Increased Intimacy and Connection with your Spouse (feeling of oneness)
  • Reinvigorated and Fulfilling Sex Life (for him and her)
  • Deepening of Friendship and Shared Meaning
  • Skills to Resolve and Manage Conflict to Create Productive Solutions without Fighting
  • Skills to Decrease Defensiveness, Anger and Resentment while Increasing Trust, Understanding and Passion
  • …and More

In situations that make it difficult for one-on-one interaction in a counselor’s office, we can provide telephone or Skype counseling. However, virtual counseling has many limitations and can never be as effective as the work that is done in a face-to-face environment with a counselor. For more information on telephone/Skype counseling sessions and whether or not they are recommended for your situation please give us a call.

*Note: Virtual counseling is limited to persons residing in the State of Florida

We do offer limited evening and weekend appointments to accommodate work schedules.

We offer two basic session schedules. Standard Sessions are 50 minutes long and Extended Sessions are 90 minutes long.

New Life Counseling Services is committed to affordable counseling. Thanks to the generosity of New Life Church and other individual supporters, we are able to offer a sliding scale fee based on gross annual family income. We also have full and partial scholarships available for those suffering financial hardship. To download our sliding fee scale click here .

Counseling services at New Life Counseling are considered Pastoral Counseling. Though many insurance policies will provide reimbursement for psychiatric, psychological and other mental health services, Pastoral Counseling is not typically a reimbursable expense. As such, all counseling services are private pay only.

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Reconnecting + Rebuilding Relationships
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Reconnecting + Rebuilding Relationships
with Compassionate Counseling

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