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New Life Counseling is located in Valrico, Florida and offers marriage and couples counseling to the surrounding areas of Tampa, Brandon, Lithia, Riverview, Seffner, Dover and Plant City.

We operate as an extension of New Life Church and are committed to helping couples find healing, restoration, and renewed passion in marriage. We believe that great marriages build great families, and great families are what build a great society.

It is our deepest conviction that love is central to the message of the Gospel and the present working of God upon this earth. The scriptures tell us that “God is love”, and ultimately, “love never fails.”

We believe marriages are one of the greatest ways that God is impacting our world today. When we work with a couple on their relationship, our goal goes well beyond helping them to survive marriage. Our goal, is to help them build a marriage that allows them to come alive, and open their heart fully, to the love they want and deserve. We believe God uses marriage, to heal us of our heart wounds, increase our capacity to give and receive love, and ultimately, to be able to perpetuate that love to ourselves, to God, and to others. Very simply, to have a great marriage is to have a great life. Conversely, when marriages go badly, life goes badly.

Our passion is seeing couples reach their full potential in love.  To show couples how to take the same problems that were threatening the marriage and use them as raw material to grow a marriage that is stronger, more passionate and more fulfilling.

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Reconnecting + Rebuilding Relationships
with Compassionate Counseling

a ministry of New Life Church

New Life Counseling

Reconnecting + Rebuilding Relationships
with Compassionate Counseling

A Ministry of New Life Church
127 Church Street
Valrico, Florida 33594
Phone: 813-816-0696
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