Many couples today are not prepared for the problems that will show up in their marriage. When issues do arise in your marriage, it’s important that you and your spouse are ready to respond to them; otherwise your relationship may be headed for serious trouble.

In order to have a lasting and fulfilling marriage, it’s important that you have some sort of a foundation. These foundations look different from marriage to marriage. Some are solid as a rock and able to stand the test of time, while others are like sand and easily blown away, Bledsoe says. The foundation is so important because it directly correlates with the “return” or fulfillment you will receive in your marriage. The foundation may be laid at different times for different people.

“For some of you, this means laying the proper foundation at the beginning; for others, it means restoring the foundation; while others it means some major rehabilitation, or a complete tear down and rebuild are needed,” Bledsoe says.

Married couples should constantly work at strengthening foundation issues. Think of a house. The property may have started with a strong foundation, but over time, certain problems occurred that began to eat away at the foundation. When we don’t care for own marriages, the foundation our marriages stand on can be weakened.

Creating a Shared Vision

It’s important that married couples have a shared vision. Begin by letting go of your previous ideals and notions related to marriage. When you start with a goal, but the goal isn’t shared by your partner, it can become a failed strategy as the goal is painted by you alone. When God brings a couple together in marriage, it’s not about you anymore. Pray, discuss and jointly plan how you want things to look together. Make sure your together vision isn’t focused only on the visions of one person, based on the things that are exciting and engaging to one but not the other. When you recognize God’s plan for your marriage are linked to each other, you are more energized by the things you are working on together. When you’re ready to create things together, like how your relationship or family will function, make sure your decisions are something the two of you can get behind.

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